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This is a third party check and send service with an added service fee, this is additional to any fees from the DVLA, which in some cases can be free. Applications can be made directly on gov.uk without any service fee.

Our Services

Change of address on your driving licence


Renew driving licence


Replace a lost, stolen, damaged or destroyed licence


Apply for your first provisional licence


Renew your driving licence if you're 70 or over



Welcome to Driving License Applications

We are a third party check and send service, we specialise in helping people process their driving licence applications online as quickly and efficiently as possible.Use our simple step by step solution to apply, renew and replace your UK Driving Licence. By choosing our services, your application will be thoroughly checked for any mistakes or omissions before being processed to DVLA. This ensures your application is completed as quickly as possible with minimal delay.

What kind of specialist services do you offer?

We are a check and send service although we also offer some specialist services alongside our manual check and vet service. Some of the specialist services inlcude new build address submission and post code corrections. If you have a particular error you need help with, please contact our support team.

Are you part of the DVLA?

We are a third party independent company, we are not affiliated with the DVLA or the UK government in anyway. More information can be found on our FAQ page.

First Provisional Driving Licence £74 £34
Change of Address £40 Free
10 Year Licence Renewal* £54 £14
Lost / Defaced Licence Replacement £60 £20
Over 70’s Renewal (5 Years) £40 Free

To renew online, you need:

Licence Protection

Protect your licence in case of losses and thefts

Driving License Applications covers any Driving Licence’s losses or thefts. We offer unlimited replacements of your Driving Licence for 12 months. if you lose it. After being informed of your request, we will apply for a new Driving Licence on your behalf

Driving Licence Application

Change Address on driving licence • renew driving licence • replacement driving licence • apply for provisional licence

*Your licence will need to be renewed once you reach the age of 70, this may reduce the years of validity on your new licence depending on your age.