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This is a third party check and send service with an added service fee, this is additional to any fees from the DVLA, which in some cases can be free. Applications can be made directly on gov.uk without any service fee.

How to change the address on your driving licence

Moving can be a stressful experience, especially when you have to update documents, forwarding mail and most importantly ensuring your driving licence is up to date. You need to inform the DVLA when you’ve changed address, or risk being fined up to £1,000 for not changing the address. You can still drive your car when you are in the process of changing the address on your licence, but It is always better to inform the DVLA sooner rather than later to avoid any fine.

Here’s is what you need to change the address on your driver’s license:

• Your full or provisional driving licence
• Addresses where you have been a resident in the last 3 years
• Your National Insurance Number
• Your Passport Number
• You must be a resident of Great Britain
• Not be banned from driving

To get started changing the address on your provisional or full driving licence, simply follow the instructions on the Driving License Change Of Address online application form.

Make sure you fill in all of the required details and double-check everything before you click confirm, error will make the process longer.

How Long Till My New Driving License Arrives?

Once you have done this, you can expect your updated driving licence with your new address on it to arrive in the post within two weeks of your online application

How to change address on driving license

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