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What to do if your driving licence expired?

If your photocard driving licence has expired, it is a legal requirement to renew it. You could be fine of up to £1,000 if your licence has expired and you have not renewed it.

The DVLA might inform you on when their driving licence is due for renewal, providing that you information is up to date, but its always better to be aware when you are close to the expiry date.

It is important that licences are renewed. An updated driving license will ensure you have the latest security features to protect you against fraud. You might also experience delays in obtaining insurance or other matters if your licence is expired.

Renew you Drivers License online
DVLA Renew Drivers License Online

How to check your licence:

Check your licence expiry date in 4b on the front of the card. If the date has passed, that means your licence has already expired!

How to renew:

Whether you need to change your driving license address, renew driving license or a driving license replacement (lost or stolen licence) the process is almost identical every time.
Visit License Assitance and select the application you need to begin the process. (Providing you’ve had a new digital passport issued in the last five years) fulfil the application you have selected.

You will need to have the following to complete your application:

• Your National Insurance Number
• Your Passport Number
• Photocard Number
• Your addresses across the last three years
• Your current driving licence (if you don’t have this, you will be asked to provide a reason)

Complete the entire application and check for errors for a seamless process. Within 2-3 week, your new license should arrive in the post!

How to renew driving license

renew driving license online

Renew expired license

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